Welcome to the Farm at Blackberry Blossom

You've found friends here ...

Maybe you've found, like we did, that voluntarily simplifying your life has it's challenges.

Plants in Gloves

From the beach to the mountains...

We moved here in 1999 from the coast of North Carolina, escaping job stress and a beach house that our family outgrew.

We'd always gardened, had a few domesticated pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, hermit crabs and fish. Our beach neighbors were just over the fence, the grocery store right down the street. The wild animals were limited to raccoons and possums, a few snakes, and of course, beach critters, like ghost crabs and an occasional alligator.

What would it be like to move to the wilderness of the Appalachian mountains where black bear appeared in your backyard and your nearest neighbor was 1/4 mile away?

With a true pioneer spirit and an occasional 25 mile trip to town for supplies, we renovated, invented, created, and transformed the Tennessee life into our home.

Girls having mud fight

Although our life is simple, it's not easy, and it's very busy.

If you're looking for a way to slow down and gain more quality from the hours in your day, this website has information and resources to help you.